Is a Boat Share Right for you?

Shared boat ownership scheme
Affordable boat ownership

When considering whether our boat share scheme is right for you, there are some important points to consider.

Perhaps Full Boat Ownership Might Be Better For You?

Consider the Pros and Cons of full boat ownership.

The Pros:

Pride of ownership.

The Cons:

High initial outlay in buying the boat yourself. Big dent in the bank account. May limit you to putting other things “on hold”.

You run with 100% of the depreciation of your investment.

The gamble of getting it right.

Knowing where to start.... surveyors, brokers insurance etc. etc.

Other associated costs, berthing fees, insurance, annual boat maintenance.

Possibility of limited use of the boat due to unpredictable weather in the UK.

The pride of ownership usually diminishes once the first unexpected bills come in.

Why Choose a Boat Share instead?

Perhaps you are a newly qualified skipper or existing skipper looking to do more than flotilla or chartering and hungry for your own boat, but are unsure of the real costs of boat ownership?

Then consider Share2Sail where you will have your own boat for 6 weeks of the year, based in sunny Portugal.

Share all those costs with your co-owners.

Additional items like spinnakers etc. – you pay only your share of the cost.

Share2Sail offers you 6 weeks per year sailing on our 3 year plan.

Now that’s affordable sailing.

Why Choose a Boat Share with Us?

  • Your own yacht for up to 6 weeks of the year.
  • Enjoy hours of sunshine in the beautiful Algarve.
  • Share all those costs with your co-owners.
  • First class marinas all within a few hours sailing of each other.
  • Cruise her to Lisbon, Spain and Gibraltar – all within easy reach.
Tour a beautiful yachts based in Portimao, Algarve